We enables you to achieve a complete understanding of the aviation industry, global fleet of aircraft and the market dynamics and drivers – both now and in the future. Via online tools, expert reports, data solutions and tailored advice, we can tell you everything you need to know about the global fleet and what’s causing industry changes, to help you identify growth opportunities and assess risk.

Flight Fleets Analyzer

We help you organisations identify business development opportunities by providing insight into the make-up of the global fleet and how it’s evolving via aircraft ownership changes and deliveries.

Ascend Values

Our historical data means the our base value of an aircraft is more accurate. Have more confidence in creating your business strategy reducing your risk and drive profitable growth.

Flight Dashboard

Get tailored news and analysis to keep up to date on what's important to you in the aviation industry. Set up personalised news alerts to be notified on new changes in the industry including: new routes, orders, deliveries, airline start ups and contract announcements. Access Flight International digital editions.

FlightMaps Analytics

Find new route options and evaluate their commercial value with our easy to use web interface which allows you to analyse route frequency and capacity data. Historical and future views, plus flexible filtering options, allow you to explore the detail as well as trends over time.