LiNK TSP facilitates a single-point analysis of the multidimensional business matrix which encompasses: business goals, processes, IT, human resources, operations and related through its ensured of all software service needs including Product life cycle management. Be a specialized enterprise at the confluence of people, profit and planet. Our team members are powered by inquisitive minds & technical knowledge; we leverage our resource talent and innovative blend of services and technology to deliver customer delight. LiNK TSP represents as one-stop shop for all your software requirements.

Technical Expertise

Expertise is the basis of credibility which LiNK TSP perceived by sound technical knowledge, deep technical policy, established processes & systems. LiNK TSP team work with technical support, and its team member’s touchstone performance, weigh needs, assess technology solutions, and design strategies for improvement with experiences in technical stuffs. LiNK TSP will be happy to use our technical expertise to assist you in your projects.

Proven Methodology

LiNK TSP expertise with technical part which includes its existing knowledge in the arena of software, hardware and functional development, as well as cognition and experience with OnTrack Methodology. Our OnTrack methodologies make sure to mitigate the common risks associated with delay delivery, namely cost overruns, technology implementations, and a lack of functionality through appropriate leverage from offshore teams based in India.


LiNK TSP have been garnering accolades that can be attributed to our undeterred focus in delivering quality solutions across verticals that meet the challenging requirements of our esteemed clients. Our integrated solutions offering by team members is aimed at creating commitment for our clients, helping them in improving their business processes with minimum hassles and capital outlays. We have perfect blend of technical eminence, support performance monitoring and client experience management is what makes us endearing to our clients. We are committed for the growth of our client.

Time to Value

LiNK TSP accelerated Value Framework consists of a repeatable methodology and set of best solutions, checklists, practices, templates, and supplementary tools that helps ensuring customer success. We are generating value by effective collaboration and planning on time. we have established record for delivering solutions quickly.

Ready to deploy

Our clients’ delight powers our success and surpassing client expectations is LiNK TSP belief.
Whatever the project is big or small , it will be delivered with the highest excellence through deployment of resources.

Every associate knows that the client is why we are here and that we place an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction.

LiNK TSP edge has stemmed from creating opportunities where none existed, identifying solutions to daunting challenges with ready to deploy resource & an unwavering commitment to quality.

These are the drivers of success at LiNK TSP that differentiate us from others, enabling us, year on year, to create our niches through the values we cherish.










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