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A perfect digital commerce outfit for fashion retailers

Few industries are as dynamic as the fashion industry. With the proliferation of social media and a globally connected world, today’s well-heeled customer is aware of the latest trends from across the world. The online fashion retail segment is amongst the fastest growing markets in the country right now. Customer is also looking for the latest happenings and knows exactly what is in vogue across the world – be it New York, Paris or Milan.

Rich product search and discovery

Enhanced filter options to help your customers to zero in on their favorite products on the basis of size, color, occasion, brand and lot many options. Your customers will certainly find what they are looking for!

Recreate offline shopping experience

You have a store where people are used to trying out and also being able to touch and feel the products before purchase. Link TSP helps you recreate the same look and feel with a website design that matches your offline store. Top it up with high resolution product images and a rich product information sheet and the customer starts to feel a seamless connect online too. Link TSP will provide you the option of product images in high definition with multiple angle views and size charts to help customers discover more about their favorite product.

Help your customers to get a new look!

You have the complete wardrobe option available in your catalog. Why not get it to the customer in one place? For example, get a matching set of accessories like watches, clutches and handbags to go with that fabulous dress the customer is browsing right now. Link TSP has an option of creating a product bundle, which helps customer build the complete look by adding accessories to the main product from a single page.

Flash Sales and Deals

End of season flash sales are a common phenomena these days which help you optimize your inventory and prepare for the new season ahead. Link TSP provides you the option for creating flash sales with timed deals and a limited product assortment on a special landing page to attract customers and increase your sales by many folds.

Social Media Connect

With an online product catalogue to showcase, it’s essential that you build the social media connect to help your consumers share their likes through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Link TSP offers an option of sharing your favorite products with your friends and family from within the main website itself.

Make your brand matter

Every brand is unique and has a story to tell. Link TSP provides you with the right tools to showcase your brand identity and create the aspiration in the mindset of the target customer. Use the brand history and identity pages to narrate your story.

Your brand, your ownership

Every brand is now available on various marketplaces and offline retails shops, so your brand is getting the much needed exposure. But are you able to control the complete brand experience for the customer without any dilution of the brand? That is why you need to establish a complete online presence so that you can get your story across to the end customer directly. Every other retail channel (online and offline) becomes an extension of your brand identity.

Connect and engage through newsletters

Increase your customer engagement by getting people to subscribe to your informative newsletter and provide details of your latest trends and offers. Link TSP provides you the option of collecting customer emails from interested people though a single click interface.