LiNK TSP has defined its own Quality policies which are formulated from basic quality principles as it applied to our organization's business environment. LiNK TSP beliefs on commitments & objectives with aims to maintain, respecting the needs and the client expectations. It’s touched on the following area

Client Centric

Our success depends on the customer’s satisfaction. We provide innovative high quality products and solution services to our customers that meet their requirements, satisfying their needs and preferences. A complete understanding of the current and future requirements, Meeting or exceeding the customer's requirements and Striving to exceed the customer's expectations and achieve sustainable growth.


LiNK TSP has expertise with internal quality through deploying its team members with required skill sets quickly. Creating an environment where everyone can contribute to quality. LiNK TSP render services of new product development, quality control and support on the basis of detailed and effectively monitored quality management system.


LiNK TSP is committed to supplying products and services that fulfil the customer's stated requirements and prospects. We strive to be perceived by our customers as a company whose products, service and support consistently exceed those of our competitors Continual improvement. LiNK TSP relies on collaboration as foster teamwork and coalition, clear communication between associates and share learned experience which is encouraging constant refinement of processes and make us longer persistence.

Mutually beneficial consociation

We belief on developing close co-operative relationships with clients. As our first priority is to delivering quality software to our customers. We recognise that consistent satisfaction of client’s needs is essential to business survival. We are consistently outperforms with our peers, produces predictable support for our clients.