SkySales is a renowned Cosmetics & Accessories, Airlines Retail Store since 1985. By the year 2014, SkySales Online Store was initiated to facilitate passenger needs who are unable to purchase onboard the aircraft. All their products are sourced directly from the manufacturing brands or source, including the exclusive products.

Business Environment

Skysales, SAUDIA’ in-flight shopping service, is the proud recipient of many international awards for excellence, recognized globally for its superb customer service, the quality of its merchandise and their excellent value for money.

The Challenge

High Operations Cost

Skysales was already using an online sales channel to serve their clients. Their system, however, was no longer sufficient. previous web store had started to fall short, particularly when it came to features relating to unifying and automizing operations.

It was not integrated with the existing ERP, nor any of the courier, or payment third party applications. All of this together has created a big burden on the operations team and impeded efficiency, as they had to repeat all operations twice across different systems and communicate manually with different third-party systems.

Unable to meet customer expectations

Moreover, the old store used to have poor visual content and design, it wasn’t mobile-friendly and it didn’t support as many product images as the system admins needed. Furthermore, it fell short when it came to customers trying to search products; the online catalog could only be consulted if customers already knew exactly which products and product codes they needed.

Small Transaction Size

Due to the limited capabilities the old system used to provide; digital business wasn’t able to constitute a noticeable share in the retail business unit. It used to achieve far less than any of the other physical retail branches; its sales volume was so marginal. Even product variety, mixing and merchandising were so flat.


Xretail’s approach was cooperating with Skysales team to create a maturity model. That maturity outlined a comprehensive roadmap to uplift the whole digital commerce business.


Unifying Operations

The first thing done was implementing Xretail’s fully automized solution.

Xretail provided Skysales team its digital platform in a turnkey delivery

seamlessly integrated with:

A. Payment gateways: Allowing customers to pay via Mastercard, Visa, and local payment gateways

B. Warehouse: Due to surpassed sales, Skysales had to outsource the warehousing to a third party, whose WMS got integrated with Xretail, allowing shipper from outside Skysales premises.

C. Shipping Courier: As soon as an order is placed, a notification is forwarded to the shipping company with order destination; operations no longer had to communicate that manually.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Xretail leveraged Skysales online store with a state-of-the-art online store that enhanced the end-customer experience in the following aspects:

A. Industry-specific Design: Increasing brand awareness and value and introducing brand to millennial shoppers.

B. Responsive Mobile-friendly design: increasing customer convenience and ability to shop online at any time.

C. Smart Search tool and filters: Facilitation to search and access all the online store; thus, finding with ease the product or any other piece of information the customer is looking for.

D. Advanced AI system: personalizing customer experience and tailoring experience based on customer profile and preferences.


Boost on Sales

Their sales have increased exponentially. In a period of around 6 months, they managed to achieve the following:

    • Uplift monthly sales by almost 14 folds the previous figures.
    • Increase Average Order Value (AOV) by around 42%
    • Increase Customer Database by more than double.

Customer Data
In the past, customer data was scattered and used to be collected from different sources. With Xretail, customer data has been put in one pool. This data is used in remarketing activities; such as, periodical newsletters, email and SMS marketing, and others. They are doing great efforts to build loyalty among their customers to the brand.

New Services
With their new back office and digital commerce setup providing a rock-solid foundation for the future, Skysales is looking to add to their services. They recently developed the following:
Added new departments to their store
– Added new third-party payment option that allows purchase
using third party points
Number of Visitors
More than

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