Beymen is a worldwide chain of luxury department stores which was established in 1971 by Osman Boyner in Istanbul, Turkey, originally as a fashion brand as part of the Beymen Group owned by the Qatari investment fund Mayhoola for Investments. Fodor’s compared the chain to Bloomingdale’s in the United States.

Business Environment

The fiercely competitive fashion industry affects all players, regardless of their size. It’s evident that enhancing digital sales and integrating various channels are crucial for achieving optimal business results. In this cutthroat environment, standing out is essential, and digitization is imperative to succeed.

The Challenge

Luxurious Design

Creating a web store from scratch for Beymen, a luxury international brand, that is mobile friendly, yet luxurious and seemless, was a challenge for both our design team and development team.

Both teams worked closely on creating a one of a kind UX!

The new design has a set of goals, which are:

1- Maintaining Brand Image

Understanding that such a brand with history worldwide requires a high concentration on maintaining the brand image.

The primary objective was to blend the company’s traditional and contemporary identities, creating a seamless shopping experience. This involved merging the brand’s diverse qualities, such as innovation and modernity, with youthfulness and classic elegance.

2-Seemless Experience

Linking all channels together & having a single management point to integrate different business channels for smoother operations, and more efficient resource planning.

Inventory, Customer Database, Orders & Shipping, all managed from one place and synced seamlessly across all channels. Moreover, Integrating the online store with payment gateway providers to allow sales to scale further than ever.


In order to get Beymen Webstore working with the desired efficiency and sleekness , yet with a creative, and elegant user interface, our team had to work strategically together with Beymen team to create a perfect webstore.

This webstore with a detailed roadmap is created to be a start of an incredible digital commerce presence for Beymen. Consequently, Link TSP’s team has combined its extensive experience and advanced technology to create a plan that would fully support a new digital era for Beymen. Starting with a fully customized design and ending with a very secure and easy to use system for Beymen team. 

Our teams focused on the finest details to enable Beymen to set a high standard, compete more effectively both locally and globally, and continuously serve their clientele without interruption.


1- Creating A Webstore with XRetail

Beymen webstore is a kickstart to a huge digital transformation for Beymen, locally and internationally, and that’s why our team advised with using XRetail, a world-class software & system which will definitely be an optimum option for the plan our team has put for Beymen digital transformation.

Starting with the webstore and integration as a first milestone was definitely a success for Beymen and has served the brand amazingly in its first quarter digitally with a sales boost, especially in high season in the region. 

2- Customized Classy & Sleek Design

Link TSP’s highly skilled UX designers and marketing team worked creatively to craft an engaging and seemless customer journey that offers an exceptional online shopping experience for Beymen’s customers. They also equipped the store with essential tools enabling administrators to provide high-quality media for their products, and detailed products descriptions. The team worked on insuring device compatibility for the website and made the UI super mobile-friendly.


1- Unlocking New Customers Base

Thanks to the robust marketing capabilities and integration tools provided by XRetail, Beymen’s marketing team now has the resources needed to reach new customers and expand their market presence. They can now deliver to areas where they previously had no customers, eliminating the need for a physical store presence. This has allowed Beymen to create more reach and generate additional revenue.

2- Rise in Sales Figures, Especially on High Seasons

With the help of Link TSP’s team and the technologies of XRetail, Beymen was able to go online and experience a remarkable surge in sales. This transition has not only expanded Beymen’s reach but has also significantly enhanced its operational efficiency. Through seamless integration of XRetail digital solutions, Link TSP has empowered Beymen to optimize its online presence, streamline its purchasing process, and elevate the overall customer experience. By leveraging innovative technologies provided by Link TSP, Beymen has successfully navigated the digital landscape, attracting a broader audience and fostering deeper connections with its customers. As a result, Beymen has not only achieved higher sales figures but has also solidified its position in the fashion market, poised for continued growth and success in the digital era.

3- Cost Reduction

Xretail’s webstore solutions have not only simplified business management but also made it more cost-effective. With the new Beymen webstore, a change in one channel seamlessly affects other channels, eliminating the need for manual or duplicate work across different systems. This approach minimizes human interference between systems. Additionally, Xretail has helped Beymen achieve significant cost reductions, cutting expenses on store rent, staff payroll, and facilities in physical stores.

4- Enhanced Customer Experience

Beymen’s marketing team now benefits from enhanced customer segmentation capabilities, thanks to the insightful demographics provided by the XRetail system. This advanced marketing tool enables them to effectively segment their customer database for re-marketing initiatives, fostering better engagement and retention rates. Additionally, Beymen customers can now enjoy a unique and unified customer experience through the XRetail platform, setting the brand apart from its competitors. Each customer receives a fully personalized experience tailored to their preferences. With the system’s unified approach, customers are seamlessly integrated across all digital and physical channels. They can place orders through one channel and return or receive promotions through another, ensuring a consistent and convenient shopping experience regardless of the channel they choose. 

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