Imtenan is a Cairo-based Egyptian brand focused on the production and sale of nutritional and healthy products. Imtenan started as a premium quality honeybee brand in 1982 & is the first to create the Health Store concept in Egypt which was founded in 2005.

Imtenan is helping Egyptians pursue a healthy and active lifestyle through a wide variety of products including Medicinal Herbs, Supplements, Superfoods and Honeybee products & becoming increasingly more visible further afield, in markets as diverse as Dubai, Saudi Arabia & Netherlands.

Now Imtenan has over 200 nutritional products available inside their specialized Health Food Stores at 50 locations all over Egypt. There are also selected product ranges available in all major supermarkets and pharmacy chains.

Business Environment

Imtenan is a leader in the health & nutrition industry, and this is a very niche industry in Egypt, with a very specific characteristics and special target audience.
The business environment and the number of products offered by Imtenan are hugely variant, and with very specific ingredients and characteristics. 

Getting degitized has always been a concern for Imtenan, as they wanted to be able to give the same or better experience physical store experience.

The Challenge

Building a fully integrated online sales channel for Imtenan from scratch in 2021 challenged LINK TSP’s team since we were keen on delivering something that serves the brand image best and goes with the minimal nature of the brand, yet, looks trendy and up-to-date and definitely gives their customer the desired experience.

The business kind and the number of products were the main challenges for LINK TSP’s team as they needed to integrate everything together to bring a seemless user-friendly solution that looks unique as well.

The new design has a set of goals, which are:

1- Creating Brand Image 

To mix the brand’s minimal and modern identities together for a seamless shopping experience. Combining the brand’s different attributes as novelty and modernity, sophistication and professionality was the main goal in mind.

2- Channels Integration

Linking all channels together & having a single management point to integrate different business channels for smoother operations, and more efficient resource planning.

Inventory, Customer Database, Orders & Shipping, all managed from one place and synced seamlessly across all channels. Moreover, Integrating the online store with payment gateway providers to allow sales to scale further than ever.

3- Products Variety & Details 

To create a physical store like experience was one of the main goals for Link TSP and to show every little detail of the products with all its benefits and ingredients and way of use.


Using Xretail to build a fully-integrated Omni-Channel system with a neat & intelligent user interface that helps users to toggle easily between products and to know all the information needed  to help Imtenan efficiently create . Such model outlined a comprehensive roadmap, to uplift the whole digital commerce presence.

Thus, Link TSP has put together its accumulated experience and cutting-edge technology to tailor a fully-customized design for Concrete. This allows Concrete to set the bar high, compete better locally & globally and continue serving their clientele without breaks.


1- Deploying Xretail’s Unified Commerce

Unifying Operations/Less Manual Operations

First thing was setting up Xretail fully automated solution.

Link TSP provided Imtenan’s team their new digital retail platform in a turnkey delivery seamlessly integrated with:

– Web Store:

Link TSP’s team started working on a web store with XRetail latest technologies that serves best the needs of a business like Imtenan…

Linking and integrating the required to create a sleek sales process for both customers and operations, so that any given update in one of the touch points in a single channel is real-time synced across all other channels and data is store immediately and automatically on the system.

– Mobile App:

Providing customers with different channels to browse and order their favourite products from Imtenan was a mutual goall for our team and Imtenan’s team as well.

We worked on a UI design that suits the nature of a business like Imtenan to ensure the best UX possible.

– Order Taking:

As soon as orders are placed, it appears on XRetail’s advanced order taking system that our team customized for Imtenan to facilitate the ordering process and the delivery one as well for all parties.

Keeping in mind Imtenan’s premium customer experience and not forgetting to enhance the order taker experience as well.

2- Tailored Elegant Design

We were keen as a team to provide Imtenan with an elegant UX/UI design that innovative and up to date and service the business needs greatly. We wanted a seamless experience provided to Imtenan’s customers.

Our marketing team work with Imtenan’s team to insure that all media on the store are in high quality to give the customer the perfect digital look and feel of the products.

The final design came to exceed the expectations on all devices.


1- Boost in Sales

Since the website’s launch in 2021, new markets were unlocked for Imtenan and thus the sales were increase greatly.

The easy-to-use online store made frequent orders easier to customers, and many customers became dependant on the online store to get their usual, regular supply of Imtenan’s products the use frequently.

Not to mention, that the new products were easily introduced to customers and thus, got better sales numbers compared to other products introduced before the online store was launched.

2- Cost Reduction

Xretail’s unified commerce solutions is a cost effective based platform and it has made operations a lot easier and better for Imtenan’s team.

Unified operations now ensure that modifications in a single channel seamlessly impact other channels, eliminating the necessity for manual or redundant efforts in managing systems with diverse languages. This streamlined approach has become pivotal in minimizing human interference between systems. Additionally, Xretail has played a crucial role in aiding Imtenan’s in achieving cost efficiency by reducing expenses related to store rent, staff payroll, and facilities in physical stores.

3- Better Customer Reach and Experience

Due to Xretail’s robust marketing capabilities and integration tools, Imtenan’s Marketing team now possesses the necessary tools to expand their customer reach beyond their physical presence. Imtenan can now deliver to areas previously untapped, enhancing their market reach significantly. Additionally, Xretail enables Imtenan to refine their customer segmentation using the system’s insightful demographics.

The advanced marketing capabilities offered by Xretail empower Imtenan to leverage their segmented customer database for effective remarketing activities, improved customer engagement, and enhanced retention rates. Notably, Imtenan customers can now enjoy a distinctive and personalized experience through XRetail’s unified platform, setting the brand apart from its closest competitors. This personalized experience ensures that customers are consistently recognized across all digital and physical channels.

Once a customer is entered into the system, their profile remains consistent across various channels, allowing them to place orders through one channel and return or receive promotions through another. This seamless integration enhances the overall customer experience and establishes Imtenan as a brand that prioritizes personalized and unified interactions.

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