La Poire is the #1 bakery & pastry producer in Egypt, their first store opening in the serine Cairo neighborhood of Garden City in 1975, Inspired by the finest traditions of French patisseries and our own Egyptian baking roots, La Poire has become a household name for our exceptional and delectable flair for food. On a mission to create the simplest yet most elegant pastry/dessert/cafe chains in Egypt. Perfectly balancing textures and flavors, we make each of our products with the mission of infusing moments of Joy in your every day. From a buttery, chocolate-filled croissant for breakfast, to an irresistible slice of our signature La Poirette cake at a family gathering, or the rich and comforting bite of our Basbousa in Ramadan. No matter what your taste buds lean towards there is something fresh in there that would serve you just perfectly!.

Business Environment

The fiercely competitive landscape of the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry in Egypt has exerted its influence on both major corporations and smaller enterprises alike. It is evident that achieving optimal business outcomes in this sector requires a heightened focus on enhancing digital sales and integrating channels effectively. The evolving business environment in the F&B industry underscores the significance of adapting to technological advancements and leveraging digital platforms to stay ahead in the market. Embracing robust digital strategies is increasingly becoming a necessity for businesses of all sizes, as they navigate the dynamic challenges and opportunities presented by the modern F&B landscape.

The Challenge

Design Creation Which Lives Up to The Brand

La Poire has recently made a rebranding and this was a good challenge to 

The design team had to design a full UI/UX for La Poire that says 

The new design has a set of goals, which are:

1- Preserving Brand Image

To mix the company’s classical and modern identities together for a seamless shopping experience. Combining the brand’s different attributes as novelty and modernity, youth and

classicism was the main goal in mind.

2- Channels Integration

Linking all channels together & having a single management point to integrate different business channels for smoother operations, and more efficient resource planning.

Inventory, Customer Database, Orders & Shipping, all managed from one place and synced seamlessly across all channels. Moreover, Integrating the online store with payment gateway providers to allow sales to scale further than ever…


In order to get the efficiency of fully-integrated Omni-Channel system work along the new trendy rebranding-based user interface, the strategy was to work together with La Poire team to create a model that suits the brand perfectly.

In response to a detailed roadmap aimed at creating a digital presence, Link TSP has utilized its extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology to craft a fully personalized design for La Poire. This empowers La Poire to elevate standards, improve competitiveness both domestically and internationally, and seamlessly cater to their clientele without interruption.


1- Deploying Xretail’s Unified Commerce V4.3

Unifying Operations/Less Manual Operations

First thing was setting up Xretail fully automated solution.
Link TSP provided La Poire team:

  • A Webstore 

The webstore developed by Link TSP for La Poire is a reflection of both companies’ commitment to excellence. It features cutting-edge design elements, intuitive navigation, and seamless functionality to provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience. From browsing a delectable array of desserts to placing orders with ease, the webstore caters to every aspect of the customer journey.

  • A Mobile App

The mobile app crafted for La Poire by our team embodies a fusion of seamless functionality, captivating design, and personalized experiences. It serves as a digital gateway for customers to explore La Poire’s delectable offerings, place orders conveniently, and engage with the brand on a deeper level.

  • Call Center

We provided La Poire with comprehensive solution designed to simplify and expedite the process for both customers and staff. It seamlessly integrates with La Poire’s existing operations, providing a centralized platform which delivers the best customer experience.

  • Last mile

As soon as orders are placed, a notification is forwarded to the nearest branch to the order areawith shipping details and order details, thus, operations no longer has to be communicated manually.

2- Tailored Elegant Design

Link TSP’s proficient UX designers and marketing team applied their creative expertise to craft an engaging customer journey, elevating the online shopping experience for La Poire’s clientele with the new rebranding guidelines. Additionally, they implemented essential tools for administrators to showcase high-quality media of the products. Enhancements were made to ensure website compatibility across various devices, along with a more mobile-friendly user interface. Furthermore, a new feature was introduced, enabling La Poire customers to request personalized tailoring services for a bespoke experience.


1- New Channels Unlocked

La Poire going online is a huge deal, and following its digital transformation facilitated by  LinkTSP, La Poire has unlocked new channels for growth and expansion. By embracing innovative digital solutions, La Poire has transcended traditional boundaries, reaching customers through diverse online platforms and channels. With LinkTSP’s expertise, La Poire has seamlessly integrated e-commerce capabilities, enabling customers to conveniently browse and purchase its delectable offerings from anywhere, at any time. This newfound online presence has not only broadened La Poire’s customer base but has also provided opportunities for enhanced engagement and interaction. Leveraging the power of digital technology, La Poire has embarked on a journey of continuous innovation, paving the way for sustained growth and successful leadership as always in the dynamic F&B landscape.

2- Achieving Higher Sales

Since embracing digital transformation and going online with the expertise of LinkTSP’s team and the technologies of XRetail, La Poire has witnessed a remarkable surge in sales. Transitioning online has not only expanded La Poire’s reach but has also significantly enhanced its operational efficiency. Through a seamless integration of XRetail digital solutions, LinkTSP has empowered La Poire to optimize its online presence, streamline its ordering process, and elevate the overall customer experience. By leveraging innovative technologies provided by LinkTSP, La Poire has successfully navigated the digital landscape, attracting a broader audience and fostering deeper connections with its customers. As a result, La Poire has not only achieved higher sales figures but has also solidified its position as a market leader in the F&B industry, poised for continued growth and success in the digital era.

3- Cost Reduction

Xretail’s unified commerce solutions have made it not only easier in business

management, but also more cost effective.

As a result of unified operation, a change in single channel now affects other

channels seamlessly. Hence, there is no need to do manual or double work in

handling different systems speaking different languages.

This has been the keyword when it comes to minimizing human interference between

systems. Moreover, Xretail helped La Poire to achieve an efficient cost reduction,

cutting cost spent in store rent, staff payroll, and facilities expenses in physical stores.

4- Better Existing Customer Experience

La Poire’s marketing team now benefits from enhanced customer segmentation capabilities, thanks to the insightful demographics provided by the Xretail system. This advanced marketing tool allows them to effectively segment their customer database for remarketing initiatives, fostering better engagement and retention rates.

Moreover, La Poire customers can now indulge in a unique and unified customer experience through the XRetail platform, setting the brand apart from its competitors. Each customer enjoys a fully personalized experience tailored to their preferences.

With the system’s unified approach, customers are seamlessly integrated across all digital and physical channels. They can place orders through one channel and return or receive promotions through another, ensuring a consistent and convenient shopping experience regardless of the channel they choose.

5- Reaching New Customers

Thanks to the strong marketing capabilities and the integration tools Xretail have, the

marketing team in La Poire had the tools needed to work on reaching new customers and creating more reach and revenue.

Now they can deliver to areas where they didn’t have customers before, with no need for a physical store presence.

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