El-Abd Foods is a renowned patisserie and bakery chain in the Egyptian market since 1974, when its very first branch opened its doors on Talaat Harb Street. That was the beginning of a whole new chapter in the production of Eastern and Western sweets as well as bakery for Egyptian people!

Since then, historic El Abd carved its name on every household and every traditional occasion, by sharing people’s happiness by offering a variety of high-quality products.

Business Environment

The novel COVID-19 outbreak influenced the local patisserie industry badly. From brick and mortar closures to restricted resource supply, all the way to people concerned about buying food amidst uncommon pandemic, the industry currently undergoes the biggest challenges ever faced.

The business environment as it is known took a big hit and only a deeply rooted enterprise would be able to make it to the other end.

More than ever, it has now become clear that improving digital sales and channel integrations are the only risk management tools for an optimized outcome.

The Challenge

  • The Strategy was to cooperate with El-Abd Foods team to create an online maturity, single platform. Such a maturity model implemented a detailed roadmap to uplift the whole online commerce business.
  • Thus, Link TSP has put together its accumulated experience and cutting-edge technology to tailor a custom design for El-Abd Foods. Which allowed El Abd to maintain high operation levels and continue serving their clientele without breaks.


In order to get the efficiency of fully integrated Omni Channel systems work along the beauty of user interface, The Strategy was to cooperate with Concrete’s team to create a maturity model. Such maturity outlined a comprehensive roadmap, to uplift the whole digital commerce business. Thus, Link TSP has put together its accumulated experience and cutting-edge technology to tailor a fully customized design for Concrete. This allows Concrete to compete on the same level, and continue serving their clientele without breaks, and compete on the level they set the bar to.


1) Link TSP took El-Abd Foods Online!

Link TSP enabled El-Abd Foods to go live online in an unprecedented time of only 14 days!

This was critically important to put a stop to sales drop and slow market dynamics during COVID-19, and hold back the losses in physical stores and resources.

2) Link TSP built El-Abd Foods all-in-one Omni platform!

On a big scale, Link TSP managed to implement an integration process among all business channels from offline walk-ins orders to the company website and the 3rd party outlets; all became now synced together and managed from one single platform.

3) Link TSP stepped-in with its Xretail business suite solutions!

Utilizing its vast expertise in customer relation management, Link TSP implemented new modules in Xretail Customer Support solutions, the likes of Call Centers, Point of Sales POS & Multi-Store modules. Delivering unified management and customer experience across all channels.


The collective efforts resulting from business collaboration with El-Abd Foods yielded its set goals positively, and enabled the business to smoothly carry on with its mission as a market leader, leading both by reported shares, and by example, during such hard times.

Link TSP work strategy has enabled El-Abd Foods to achieve the following:

1. Represent their brand and products out of rush season

Giving a true example of brand identity communication and represented products, which sends a message out of rush season.

2. Optimize operations processes

Via easing operations cycles and cutting down the manual part to less rates, operations timings and quality was able to surge to higher levels in a much-needed phase of the business.

3. Eliminate the fake products stock issues

No more stock and SKU issues resulting from fake or unwanted products on the list.

4. Higher Customer Satisfaction

End-Users satisfaction rates have increased dramatically as a result of curated product listing and optimized operations, resulting in even better MoM and larger pool of returning customers.

5. Solved Logistics Issues

Last mile delivery metrics were enhanced positively by accelerating the delivery periods and less downtime. That in addition to less wrong orders & returned deliveries.

This does not only optimized delivery operations, but also placed fresher, neatly packed El-Abd Foods directly on many more door steps.

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